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The last decade has been defined by advanced and pristine digital marketing strategies which include social media marketing campaigns, quality content creation, and a website that’s based on solid UI/UX design and development. Without these digital elements behind your back, your business will make little progress. DSB Mobile is a San Isidro-based company that has been providing digital services and solutions, UI/UX design included, for 9 years.

The company excels in designing and developing applications for web and mobile. We have a team of experienced professionals whose resumes include years of experience in the mobile and web application fields. Our UI/UX designers are creative thinkers with the ability to facilitate workflow and extensive tasks, meeting stringent deadlines, managing complex data, and accommodating various processes.

We ensure that the designs that we’re creating are effective, user-friendly, and visually appealing. These elements breathe new life into web and mobile applications, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.


User experience

1. User´s objective

User´s objective

2. Workflow

Level of action

3. Wireframes/Testing

Components level

4. Look and feel

Interaction level

Our UX/UI Projects

Credit Evaluation App

Allow your analysts to manage credit requests of individuals and companies. You can also manage evaluation records and visualize financial guidelines.

Cost Management App

It gives you control of money outgoings for administrative management issues or project execution through different business units.

Quotation App

It allows your sales team to quote services and products in a quick and interactive way. This app can be integrated to the DSB online Catalog to provide a comprehensive customer solution.

Tracking App

Keep track of your sales team. It can also be integrated with other business apps.

Project Management App

Project Management is a complex challenge company-wise. DSB Mobile has developed a software that can efficiently manage, in real time, the lifecycle of a project.


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