3 Reasons to Get Your Software Tested

As software programs have become more complex and advanced over the years, so have our methods of testing them. Rapid growth in technology has led to major design and implementation changes in software programs, which give rise to newer trends in software testing.

As we embrace these newer trends of software testing, this question arises; why do we get our software tested? To fully answer this question, we discuss three reasons as to why people should get their software tested.

Defects or “Bugs”

A “bug” refers to a defect that hinders the performance of the software. One of the main, and obvious reasons to get your software tested is to single out any bugs or defects that were made during its development phase. These can be made for a variety of reasons such as the lack of experience of the programmer, lack of knowledge of the programming language, incorrect use of an algorithm or even just plain human error.

Even if the programmer double checks their work, they might overlook mistakes. This makes software testing crucial as it will be able to tell if there are any bugs in the software and how they can be fixed if the software is to run smoothly.

Quality Assurance

Synonymous with software testing is quality assurance. In order to assure yourself and customers of the quality of the software, it undergoes a series of tests that will check whether it runs perfectly and is a quality product that won’t run into any problems.

Having your software tested gives you a guarantee that it will perform its function properly and do so for a given period of time without a lot of maintenance. Assuring its quality will also reduce costs later on as the chances of problems arising decreases.

Customer Satisfaction

As a software developer, you  sell your software for other people to use. Just like any other product, you want to ensure that your software is one that customers are happy working with. To ensure customer satisfaction , you have to provide them with high quality development or your customers will not use your product. If your software has problems or is not meeting customer demands, it’s doomed to fail. For any software to be successful, it should be working effectively and consistently to produce the result it was designed to.

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