How Outsourcing UX/UI Will Save You Money

Good UX design means better business.

We’re not saying this—Forbes is saying this. While a product that drives revenues is important, good UX is usually the make-or-break moment for any business.

It could set you apart from your rivals in the industry, or it could push you years behind, because you don’t give it enough importance. But one look into any platform with UI/UX, designers will hit up for hiring, and you’ll realize that it doesn’t come cheap. Average rates teeter between $25–75, but good UI/UX design always costs way more for an hour.

And it’s the good designs you want.

What Makes it so Pricey?

There’s a reason UI/UX is so expensive. They work towards detecting the best possible features for user interaction with your website or web application. From the home-page to the drop-downs, their priority is to ensure functionality. Larger projects require greater involvement on the part of the designer, since data and information have to be gathered, and actions consequently implemented.

In general, the tasks include:

  • Analyzing what your competitors and others in the market are doing, specifically in terms of functionality
  • Determining your ideal users and target audience, observing their preferences and delivering duly
  • Creating a strategy for your product
  • Testing prototypes
  • Collecting feedback.

You are at liberty to define what you’re looking for in terms of functionality for the UX designer to provide a better design brief. However, if you’re sold on the quality, there’s little chance that any quality designer will lower their prices.

The Solution: Outsource

For starters, UX design is all about teams. Different areas need to be covered and the software has to be doled out not only swiftly but properly. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, chances are you don’t have the resources or specialists needed.

You can’t afford full-time roles—but a firm that churns out UX design for other companies, like your day in and day out, must have the resources. You get all the required technical skills and role-specific experienced professionals on a platter. Save on hiring costs and eliminate the need to retain such an expensive team for the long-term.

Keeping Up with the Times

Trends aren’t just limited to clothing and fashion. UX framework is also a-changing, with React, Angular, and other frameworks updating frequently. New features are constantly added to frameworks to make them more robust.

Having a team on-board that must keep up with all the latest trends and updates is essential—but it’s also time-consuming. Outsourcing simply delegates the responsibilities to another firm while you’re left with all the time to focus on more important things.

Looking for a Firm that Will do the Job for You?

Look no further than DSB Mobile. With 11 years of experience in the digital arena, we promise robust UX and UI to help boost your sales and user adoption rates. We start by mapping user behavior and consumer preference and use the collected data to complete a top-notch project design for you. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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