Why Your Business Needs an App of Its Own

Mobile apps have become an important part of digital technology. According to 2019 statistics, both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store had 2.1 million apps and 1.8 million available apps respectively.

Does your business still not have its own mobile app? Here’s why that needs to be changed right now!

Greater Competitive Advantage

Digital technology has revolutionized how companies conduct business, and mobile apps have played an important role. In fact, 86% of CEOs acknowledge the importance of mobile technology for creating a competitive advantage for their business and being successful.

Despite this, mobile apps are often sidelined or considered as an afterthought by many companies. This is where your brand can have a competitive edge. By having your own mobile app, you’ll have an effective marketing tool to boost sales and strengthen your status in the industry. Your business will benefit tremendously by having its very own mobile app, opening doors for new opportunities!

Customer Engagement & Audience Building

It’s no secret; mobile users prefer using apps over websites. For a business, this is of huge importance. Given that your potential customers are more likely to download your competitor’s app than visit your website, a mobile app can be the ultimate tool to create customer engagement and expand your audience.

Whatever your line of business may be, a mobile app makes it easier for customers to reach out to you. It makes it simpler for them to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to refer to a search engine first or keeping up with browser screen settings. In particular, it’s a lot easier for them to contact you instantly through the app or stay connected to your social media handles. An app improves the user experience by enhancing on-screen functionality, which ultimately attracts a wider audience.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

According to statistics, the average American spends 162 minutes on their mobile device each day. A lot of this time is spent scrolling through different apps, be it for social media, e-commerce, or a music platform.

Now if your business were to have an app of its own, imagine the visibility your brand would gain. Having a tiny logo on the mobile screen certainly helps one remember the app, making it a useful way to remind mobile users of your company.  Even if they’re not using the app every day, they’d still see the icon on their phone as they unlock or swipe through their apps and the logo would unconsciously imprint in their minds.

This will help you gain greater brand visibility.  Not only will mobile users be aware of your business, they’ll have access to your app without having to search up the web address.

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