Microsoft Dynamics NAV: A Stepping Stone for Small Business

Dynamics NAV by Microsoft is a godsend for small and medium-sized businesses. Short for Navision, Dynamics NAV is essentially an ERP—Enterprise Resource Planning—solution that helps with sales, operations, inventory management, business automation, accounting, etc. For businesses that are growing but are not ‘quite there,’ Dynamics NAV can help you achieve more and more.

What Dynamics NAV Brings to the Table

According to Microsoft itself, Dynamics NAV helps with the following:

  • Financial management and accounting: You can manage all your banking basics, including assets and cash.
  • Supply chain, operations, manufacturing: You get to track all the stages of production and can easily manage inventories, vendors, orders, and purchases.
  • Sales: You’ll have full control over your contacts and can improve your service, making way for more sales opportunities.
  • Project management: Keep track of every project and manage them from a distance.
  • It’s flexible: Whether you want it on the premises or on the cloud, Dynamics NAV is flexible in its deployment.
  • Planning: Make better and well-informed decisions about your business strategy, based on the data you have.
  • Compatible globally: Feel free to do business with people in a different country using multiple currencies. Dynamics NAV also supports multiple languages.

Microsoft for Micro Businesses

microsoft dynamics navision

What we’re calling the micro business here is small or mid-tier businesses, with a staff of more than 50 but less than 250 people. You might be doubtful if, being a micro business, investing in the Dynamics NAV would be worth it.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV costs about the same as any accounting software. It can be used for tasks as simple as taking and processing orders or for humongous tasks such as accounting and managing inventories.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the Dynamics NAV is highly cost-effective as it helps eliminate unnecessary manual work. With the Dynamics NAV, taking care of most of your business’s nitty-gritties, you’re left with the time to deal with bigger things.

You can work out strategies based on the sales made, work on better sales strategies and campaigns, etc., while the Dynamics NAV does the basics for you. Small businesses, in particular, benefit from this feature since there isn’t a lot of manpower on board. Buying the Dynamics NAV is a highly more affordable option than hiring different people for invoices, managing supplies and purchases, doing the accounting, etc.

What DSB Mobile Does

We, at DSB Mobile, are adept at using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV to its highest degree. The experience of our software specialists working with the ERP solution allows them to deliver accurate results for businesses big and small. We provide pre-sales analysis, implementation of Dynamics 365 and NAV, customized development, and Navision upgrade assistance.

We also train staffs to use the newer versions of this software to ensure they’re well-acquainted to deal with every update. Our Navision implementation support also includes email, phone, remote, and onsite assistance. Schedule an appointment with us today for customizations.

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