IT Staff Augmentation: Does Your Company Need It?

Staff augmentation is a business strategy that allows organizations to add skilled resources to their team and bridge the skill gap by hiring new, highly-qualified employees. A staff augmentation service has several benefits for your company, and is especially recommended for seasonal or short-term projects.

Here’s why your company should get on board with staff augmentation.

Flexibility and Swiftness

Staff augmentation helps you to hire a team of skilled individuals quickly and smoothly. Instead of waiting several weeks or months, you’re able to hire employees within days, saving you a lot of time.

What’s more, is that staff augmentation also allows for flexibility, enabling employees to adapt to their specific domain quickly and excel in that specialized field. This helps the company respond to the new change effectively and continue to grow even during this period of organizational change.


Your search for the perfect fit can be costly! The initial recruitment expenses involved in reviewing resumes, interviewing potential candidates, and training new employees can all amount to a considerable sum, not to mention the amount of time you spend on the recruitment process, by appointing certain employees to be in charge of the proceedings, affecting their designated work.

Augmentation staffing provides an alternative to the costly recruitment process. The firm providing the service takes care of employee onboarding costs, saving you significant expenses. In addition to this, an augmentation staffing service also reduces overhead business costs. This includes ongoing costs related to existing employees, payrolls, administrative functions, and other employment concerns.

Greater Outreach to a Highly-Skilled Talent Pool

According to one survey, 83% of the participating 800 employers from across 29 US states, as well as Canada, reported that they lacked highly-skilled employees. In fact, one of the biggest concerns employers have is not being able to find relevantly skilled employees. Staff segmentation can change this by allowing access to the desired skill set currently unavailable to a particular organization. With a massive outreach to the pool of skilled labor, staff augmentation allows for companies to tap into a greater resource pool and find the most suitable employee for their organization.

The demand for technically-skilled labor and employees with a specialized skill set isn’t always easily met within a set locality. The right talent may exist beyond borders and geographical locations. Staff augmentation services allow companies to reach out to these individuals and hire the best candidate for the job.

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