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QA and Testing

Save Costs by Getting Your Mobile Applications Tested

From digital cab hailing to ordering food online, most of what goes on these days is done online, and usually through smartphones. Mobile apps are all the rage, helping businesses maintain a greater online presence, which leads to a more successful business. We at DSB Mobile have years of experience working with mobile applications, and we also extend app testing services to any clients who want to save on costs and time. Getting an app tested by a professional leads to reduce costs in terms of development, damage control, reworking, and more. Moreover, we’re dedicated to helping our clients improve the user experience through their mobile applications.

Our mobile app testing process includes functional, performance, and usability tests. For the functional tests, we focus on both, automatic and manual testing angles. For our performance tests, we check frames, variables (local and global), and perform stress tests. For our usability tests, we perform tests for navigation, interface, and consistency.

Quality assurance in mobile and web solutions

Our experience developing mobile apps in the corporate sector allows us to provide testing services for our clients. This helps in development costs reduction, performance enhancement in multiple devices, appropriate maintenance and experience improvement for the user.

Functional Tests

Manual and automatic testing scenarios

Performance Tests

Check frames sent to exchange information. Check usage of local and global variables, piles of screens and services.

Stress tests of the app to validate memory use and operative system versions.

Usability Tests

Test scenarios for interface, intuitive navigation and consistency.


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