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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobile Management (MDM – EMM) EMM

Enterprise mobile management is complex and this complexity increases every day. In a few years we are going to see millions of new devices, “things” and IoT terminals connected. Enterprises that lead the market are adopting these new technologies to re-invent their businesses. EMM provides management and safety for these new devices, sensors and mobile terminals, as well as apps and back-end systems. It allows to reach full potential in mobility and provides the work team more freedom, transforming your business dynamics.


The enterprise mobile management solution protects and manages Google Android, Apple iOS, Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows devices during their whole life cycle. Control every aspect of enterprise mobility from physical assets, app management and content to devices and data protection. Forget about the complexity of managing an enterprise mobility programme built of multiple operative systems, different developers and different objectives.

What EMM can do for your business:

Manage the resources of mobility that are critical in your business.

EMM includes productivity tools and functions of remote assistance that reduce the inactivity time of the device and keep your teams centered in the work.

  • Remote assistant functions (remote view and control, files sync and bi-directional chat) solve problems of devices and apps in a quick way.
  • Kiosk mode that restricts a mobile device to only one app or group of apps and protects the device, keeps business data privacy and workers productivity.
  • Set up automatically with the device´s connectivity (3G/4G, WiFi and VPN) to guarantee the user´s safe communication anywhere.
  • Polygonal geo fences implement politics, apps and content based on concrete virtual limits that adapt to any configuration (for example schools, military bases)

Manage the content and the mobile apps

EMM offers enterprises a complex group of tools for content management and mobile apps.

  • Content management which allows enterprises to control and manage easily archives and important files.
  • Navigation control, with personalized functions and security adjustments, that adapt to the needs of each enterprise and the final user´s requirements.
  • Installation, configuration, update and removal of wireless apps from the public or the enterprise´s apps repository.


As official partners of SOTI MobiControl, IBM MaaS360 and Samsung Knox, DSB Mobile has implemented EMM solutions for enterprises that look for app’s deployment costs reduction in a large number of devices, increase inventory control of your work team´s devices, control over apps to be used in enterprises devices, among others.


Ministerio de Educación, Scotiabank Perú, Profuturo AFP, CrediScotia, Caja Metropolitana de Lima, Komatsu-Mitsui Maquinarias Perú, Tecnofarma Perú, Financiera ProEmpresa, Caja Arequipa.


Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, IoT


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